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Case Study — The University of Georgia

In 1994, the Physical Plant Department at the University of Georgia made a decision to implement and outsource a comprehensive Fume Hood Maintenance Program. Many factors contributed to this decision.

Laboratory fume hoods are vented enclosures, designed to protect laboratory personnel from inhalation exposure to chemical vapors and dusts. In order for a fume hood to be effective, it must be properly installed and maintained.  

Recognizing the need for proper fume hood installation and maintenance, the University of Georgia desired to implement a plan to ensure the health and safety of all laboratory personnel. The University also intended to remain compliant with local, state, and federal agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). All of these efforts would free up their Physical Plant staff for other building and maintenance safety projects. Finally, the University wanted to protect the environment by providing responsible disposal of all hazardous fumes. 

The University issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to all major vendors of fume hood sales and service. The RFP specified a service agreement that would provide complete preventive maintenance and repair for approximately 900 laboratory fume hood systems located on campus at the University of GA. The vendor would also be responsible for all necessary supplies, materials, maintenance service vehicles, radios, labor, labor supervision, tools, test equipment and special equipment necessary to perform all work under this proposal. Major fume hood system components needed were also to be available through this vendor upon University request.  

After thoroughly reviewing all responses, the University of Georgia selected Nichols Casework to implement the Fume Hood Maintenance Program. In the course of the first three years of the program, the University was able to:

  • Provide complete preventive maintenance for all fume hoods
  • Offer replacement and repair service for all fume hood systems
  • Provide regular responsive performance testing and adjustments for all fume hood systems
  • Save an estimated 33% on equipment installations and 25% on parts
  • Significantly reduce breakdowns through routine preventative maintenance
  • Improve budgeting and expense management
  • Provide instructional guidance for proper fume hood operation
  • Fully implement Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association's (SEFA) and University Board of Regents' recommendations for fume hood compliance and safety
  • Ensure the health and safety of all laboratory personnel
  • Remove hazardous chemical fumes responsibly
  • Relieve Physical Plant employees of 100% of fume hood service and repair responsibilities
  • Project manage laboratory installations and renovations, and
  • Provide consultation on laboratory projects installed by vendors other than Nichols Casework

Nichols Casework provides two on-campus full time technicians and a qualified fume hood installation team to manage all of the University's fume hood needs.  

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