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Over 136 Million Reasons to Maintain Your Laboratory

Reason #1

Your most valuable asset needs — and deserves — protection 
The fume hood system is a safety device for personal protection. It requires proper laboratory maintenance and operations to protect the user and other laboratory personnel. For example, a too low or too high face velocity can create spillage of fumes.

Reason #2

Save energy and potentially thousands of dollars every year 
Nichols has found that the vast majority of fume hoods and remote exhaust fans need to be fine-tuned. We have calculated the potential energy-cost savings for the typical laboratory is thousands of dollars yearly.

Reason #3

Comply with government regulations 
OSHA recommends that each laboratory develop and implement specific measures to ensure the proper operations of fume hoods. Proper training of laboratory technicians can also help ensure compliance and safety.

Reason #4

Over 20 critical functions on your fume hood and remote blower affect performance and equipment life  
The standard remote exhaust fan rotates approximately 136,000,000 times a year. To avoid premature failure it must be properly maintained — or, you might say, there are 136 million reasons to keep it fine-tuned. Nichols guarantees it knows how to do that and much more.

Reason #136,000,001

Now you know who to call 
Nichols Casework, Inc. remains dedicated to serving only the laboratory industry. You can be assured that Nichols knows laboratories. 

Be safe. Be sure. Call Nichols. Contact us today, and breathe easier — because in the final analysis, you are what you breathe.